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Barack Obama


Name at Birth: Barack Hussein Obama II


Known As: Barack Obama


Birthday: 4 August 1961


Place of Birth: Hawaii, USA

Best Known For: Being the first black president of the USA

The inspirational Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America in 2009 and he remained the president for 8 years.


What was most special about Barack Obama was the fact that he was America’s first black president. Finally having a black president in the White House offered many people in America a sense of hope that things would be better for black people and people of colour in the future.


Barack Obama’s charm and intellect meant that he and his family were loved and adored by many Americans. President Obama did many things to help to create positive changes in America such as creating a healthcare programme that made health insurance more affordable so that people who did not have a lot of money could still be taken care of by medical professionals. 

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