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A letter from Me to You

Dear Black Girl,

I am writing this letter to let you know that you are simply beautiful. In case nobody has ever told you before, or perhaps you just haven’t heard it enough. You are simply beautiful. You were designed with perfection in mind. When God made you, he kissed you upon the head and blessed you with melanin, this made your skin stunning and dark. Not only does the gift of melanin protect you from the sun, it means you glow from the inside out.

From the deepest tone of Blue Ebony to the palest Albino hue and every single shade in between, your beauty is astounding and complex, your beauty is supreme. Your hair is your crown, it sits proudly with spirals, kinks, coils and curls, it is big, gorgeous and versatile.

From time to time you may wonder why you don’t look like the princesses in your story books. Why there are no dolls with hair like yours on the shelves of the toy stores and why the characters on television don’t look like you or many of the people that you know? There are many reasons for this but the fact is, they don’t look like you and you DON’T need to look like them. You are beautiful just the way you are and you should never feel that you need to change yourself to be more like someone else. You are more than enough just the way you are. Your heart is big, your skin is beautiful, your hair is amazing, and your eyes are full of wisdom and wonder… and I hope that with all of this, you can see THE TRUTH. You are a princess. And like a member of royalty, be proud and hold your head high so your crown never slips because one day you will be a queen.

All my love, from the heart Dionne. B. Xx   



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