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Simeon Toko


Name: Simeon Toko


Birthday: February 24, 1918


Place of Birth: Angola  


Best Known For: Having supernatural powers

Stories about the magical and powerful Simeon Toko are well known in Africa but many people in the Western world have never heard of this amazing man.  Simeon Toko was born in a village in North Angola (Africa) nearly 100 years ago. It was rumoured that not long after Simeon was born, a British Missionary (a Christian worker) had a vivid dream that a great king had been born nearby. The missionary decided that he needed to find this special child; when the Christian worker had seen baby Simeon he knew that Simeon was the king that he had dreamt of. 


When Simeon grew up he became a member of a church where he started a famous choir of hundreds of people. The missionaries in the church could see that Simeon was not an ordinary man, and they believed that he had magical powers. Some say that the missionaries were frightened of Simeon’s powers and some say they were jealous but for whatever the reason, Simeon was banned from the church. Simeon loved God so much that he started his own church.


Nearly 70 years ago while Simeon was living in Congo, the Belgian army tried to invade the country. The Belgians had planned to kill Simeon and all of his people and keep the land for themselves. Hundreds of the people of Congo said they saw Simeon close his eyes and begin to pray, they said that suddenly a huge army of more than a thousand huge angels appeared out of thin air and stood behind Simeon! He had asked for God to send him protection and God had answered his prayer. The villagers said that they saw angels fight off the soldiers with ease. Many reported to seeing an angel lift an extremely heavy truck with one hand and throw it at a Belgian soldier.  When the Belgian soldiers had been defeated the angels disappeared and Simeon was left standing unscathed.


This is just one story of how the mystical Simeon Toko called upon divine forces to protect his people and save his life.

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