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Usain Bolt


Name at Birth: Usain St. Leo Bolt


Known As: Usain Bolt or Lightning Bolt


Birthday: 21 August 1986


Place of Birth:  Trelawny, Jamaica


Best Known For: Being the World’s Fastest Man

The brilliant Usain Bolt has made significant marks in history over the last decade. Spectators have never before seen such speed and power in an athlete. On May 31st 2008 at the Reebok Grand Prix, Bolt broke records when he achieved the world’s fastest time of 9.72 seconds in a 100 meter race! On this day Usain Bolt gained the title of “The Fastest Man on Earth” as he had ran the fastest 100 meters in the history of mankind.


Lightning Bolt also broke records at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games when he won 3 Gold medals in 3 races. Bolt holds 9 Gold Olympic medals and 11 World Championship Gold medals.


Bolt’s hard work, determination, self-confidence and sense of humour have made him a beloved athlete and personality.

Usain Bolt said:

 “I told you all I was going to be number one, and I did just that.”

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