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Mary Seacole 


Known As: Mary Seacole


Birthday: 23 November 1805


Place of Birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Best Known For Being: A heroic nurse who help soldiers in the Crimean War 

Having been a keen nurse for many years, Mary Seacole travelled the world visiting places in the United Kingdom, Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean and Haiti studying and practicing medicine. In 1854 Mary travelled to the United Kingdom to ask the War Office if she could be sent to help as an army nurse in the Crimean war. Mary was aware that many soldiers were suffering from serious wounds and injuries and that the medical care provided was poor and many soldiers were dying. Even though Mary had an extremely caring nature and a lot of medical knowledge she was refused the opportunity to work because of the colour of her skin. Despite her refusal Mary remained determined to nurse in Crimea, she raised the money herself and went to the war without the help of the war office. Mary braved the battlefield alone and saved the lives of hundreds of soldiers.

Mary Seacole said: “…. the grateful words and smile which rewarded me for binding up a wound or giving a cooling drink was a pleasure worth risking life for at any time.

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