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 Alek Wek


Name at Birth: Alek Wek


Birthday: 16 April 1977


Place of Birth: South Sudan, Africa


Best Known For: Being a beautiful dark skinned supermodel

The beautiful Alek Wek was born in the South of Sudan, she is a member of the Dinka tribe and is a world famous supermodel.


Alek Wek has been the face of many well-known brands and has graced the covers of popular magazines all over the world.


What is different about Alek is that a beauty such as hers had never been seen or represented in the mainstream media before she became famous. Her dark skin and stunning beauty was unapologetically black and striking.


Alek was one of the first black supermodels not to try to change the way she looked to fit in with European standards of beauty. With her glowing black skin and flawless features Alek changed the Western world’s perception of beauty.


Alek said:


“I believe that true beauty comes from inside you and that always shows through.”

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