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About Nia’s Story:


Nia is a bright, bubbly and brilliant little girl. She works hard in class but when break time comes, she is truly free! Every day she happily plays with her friends but today is different. Today Nia’s friends begin to ask her why her hair is so thick and why her skin is so dark. Nia soon realises that she does not look like her friends or like any of the princesses in her books. Nia begins to wonder if she is pretty at all. It’s up to Mummy to show her how beautiful she truly is! Follow Nia on her journey as she discovers what makes her Simply Beautiful.

What is different about this book?

As well as being a heart-warming tale about Nia’s magnificent and unique beauty ‘Nia’s Story: Simply Beautiful Me!’ also acts as an educational text offering talking points, questions and predictions to help to encourage dialogue between the child and parent or between readers. The questions and activities are designed to build the young reader’s skills of inference and deduction as well as helping them to draw upon their own experiences while reading. Nia’s story along with the activities and questions should build self-esteem and a sense of self-confidence as well as acceptance, kindness and a better understanding of the feelings of others. Other activities within ‘Nia’s Story: Simply Beautiful Me!’ include a gap filling exercise at the end of the story allowing the reader to complete a personalised ‘Simply Beautiful You’ speech. The completed speech is designed to build self-confidence as well as cultural awareness.

Nia's Story: Simply Beautiful Me! By Dionne Bowen

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