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Haile Selassie


Name at Birth: Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael


Known As: Haile Selassie I


Birthday:  23 July 1892


Place of Birth: Ejersa Goro, Ethiopia


Died: 27 August 1975

Best Known For: Being the last emperor of Ethiopia

Haile Selassie 1 was the last emperor (king) of Ethiopia. He was known to have been a descendant of Emperor Menelik i who was the son of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba, he was also related to the great warrior Emperor Menelik ii. Emperor Selassie was greatly loved by much of the Ethiopian population as he made great improvements to the school and police systems. He was known to be a strong and charismatic leader but when Italian soldiers brutally invaded Ethiopia, Emperor Selassie along with his family were forced into exile meaning he could no longer protect his country. While Haile Selassie was away he continuously spoke with the League of Nations to help him in the war to fight for his country.  Selassie later returned along with the help of British soldiers and reclaimed his land.


Years after his reign, Emperor Selassie is still loved by many people all over the world. He is known as the King of Kings to those following the Rastafarian faith.

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