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Mansa Musa


Known As: Mansa Musa or Musa Keita


Birthday: 1280 (exact birthday unknown)


Place of Birth: Mali

Best Known For: Being the richest man to ever walk the earth

Musa Keita 1 or Emperor Mansa Musa was known as the King of Kings. Mansa Musa was born in 1280 and was the emperor of Mali which is a country in West Africa. During the 14th century it was said that Mansa Musa was a very brave emperor conquering over 24 cities, his empire stretched across 2000 miles! Emperor Mansa Musa is best known for being rich beyond belief! His land produced infinite amounts of Gold and Salt and he is still to this day known as the richest man to walk the planet. Mansa Musa was known to wear beautiful Gold Jewellery and silk robes. The emperor famously took a pilgrimage (religious trip) to Mecca which is the Muslim holy land, he travelled in a huge group with over 10 thousand people carrying thousands of bars of gold, many of which he gave away to the poor people living in Cairo Egypt. He was known as a kind king and built schools, mosques and universities in Timbuktu.

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