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Malcolm X 

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Name at Birth: Malcolm Little


Known As: Malcolm X


Birthday: 19 May 1925


Died: 21 February 1965


Place of Birth: Nebraska, USA


Best Known For: Being a powerful Civil Rights leader

Malcolm’s father was named Earl Little and was the leader of the UNIA a group started by Marcus Garvey which focused on the empowerment and independence of black people. Malcolm’s family were very poor and when his father died his family struggled for money. During this time black people were made to work very low paid jobs and were treated very unfairly. Black people were not allowed to go to the same schools as white people, attend places owned by white people or sit in spaces reserved for white people on buses and perhaps most importantly black people were not allowed to vote. These laws were known as segregation laws (separation laws) or Jim Crow Laws. Malcolm encountered many struggles as a black man in America but he studied extremely hard and became one of the most important figures in our history to date.


Malcolm gave public speeches inspiring black people to come together and stand up for what they believed in. He also believed that black people should fight for the right to be treated fairly if necessary. Malcolm’s speeches and undoubtable strength encouraged black people to remain strong and proud in every situation.

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