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Akaylah...The Warrior Princess

Full Name: Akaylah Asia Tracey Nicole 

Age: 10

Eye colour: Deep Hazel
Hair type: Kinky, Fun, Frizzy Fro


Skin tone: Nutmeg 

Likes: Cuddles and Kung-Fu

Blessing Gift: Fearless Bravery

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brave heart.png

I love to read fairy stories and dress up like royalty. I believe in true love and happy endings.


My imagination takes me to wondrous worlds of kings and Queens, frogs and fairies. I love fairy stories but even more than that I love history!            Queen Nzinga of Angola is my favourite princess of all time! She was a Warrior who fought for her country. She was beautiful, fearless and brave and I hope to be like her one day. 

It was said that “Africa has known no greater patriot than Queen Nzinga”.

What makes me beautiful is that I have the heart of a princess and the soul of a Warrior. 

I am brave, I am bold, I am a Warrior princess!

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